K2 Current Projects

Aktaş Border Gate
General Mechanical installation application (2014)

Aktaş Border Gate / General Mechanical installation application
K2 Teknik Mühendislik succesfully completed heating-cooling; ventilation; fire facility, sanitary installation, garden irrigation system and solar energy systems installations.
K2 Industrial

Industrial Installations

Industrial installation systems is the area that requires most expertise in the installation engineering field. K2 Teknik’s references are formed  mostly from the industrial facilities. 
Firstly, there are many successfully completed projects of middle and big size industrial facilities within automotive and iron-steel industries. 

K2 Teknik  project department only produces projects for industrial facilities. It provides turn-key projects for factories that are built from none as well as examining existent ones to provide projects to increase their capacities.  
The difficult and large scale projects which are completed and the process knowledge that is gained through these projects differs K2 from its competitors.  


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