K2 Current Projects

Aktaş Border Gate
General Mechanical installation application (2014)

Aktaş Border Gate / General Mechanical installation application
K2 Teknik Mühendislik succesfully completed heating-cooling; ventilation; fire facility, sanitary installation, garden irrigation system and solar energy systems installations.
K2 Technical HR

HR Policy

K2 Teknik Mühendislik, the realization of the objectives and strategies and the creation of value in the company's most important power on the road, starting from the fact that human resources, continuous development of employees, human resources policy is to keep as a priority. For this purpose, the K2 Group's human resources policy; ensure the development of their employees and they can reveal their potential by creating opportunities to promote the success of the organization and their contribution was set.

Career Management

K2 Teknik Mühendislik competence assessment application that is incomplete or is capable of working with their conduct and the relevant guidance by identifying areas where they can succeed in the task is to progress.

Educational Management

K2 Teknik Mühendislik, continuous improvement and his belief in the value of information-oriented work of the employees, they are experts in the field to improve their fitness and competence to improve constantly, especially in various branches of engineering organizes special training. K2 Teknik Mühendislik, while conducting training activities within a certain program, is taking steps in order to ensure continuous improvement.

Performance Management

K2 Teknik Mühendislik, application and performance evaluation contributes to the continuous development of employees.

Wage Administration

K2 Teknik Mühendislik, starting in recruitment fees, HR policy is determined in accordance with the person's individual competencies. If the rate of change of position movement of employees within the framework of the principles defined realizes. K2 Teknik Mühendislik charges hazard, market and industry conditions are keeping an eye on.

"Curiosity is the key to creativity"

 Akio Morita