K2 Current Projects

Aktaş Border Gate
General Mechanical installation application (2014)

Aktaş Border Gate / General Mechanical installation application
K2 Teknik Mühendislik succesfully completed heating-cooling; ventilation; fire facility, sanitary installation, garden irrigation system and solar energy systems installations.
K2 Environment

Environmental Technologies

The flue gas emission control is extremely important from the points of occupational safety and environmental health for our country which strives to complete industrialalization thrust.  

Filtering systems provides a rather important scope of energy savings by recycling projects as well as protecting environment. According to the regulations of Ministry of Environment,  all industrial facilities will have to get flue gas filtering systems in a few years time. 

With this reason K2 Enviromental installs flue gas filtering systems, emission control systems and recycling systems to the industrial facilities.

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