K2 Current Projects

Aktaş Border Gate
General Mechanical installation application (2014)

Aktaş Border Gate / General Mechanical installation application
K2 Teknik Mühendislik succesfully completed heating-cooling; ventilation; fire facility, sanitary installation, garden irrigation system and solar energy systems installations.
About K2 Technical

About Us

K2 Teknik Mühendislik carries on the path of installation applications in international standarts by increasing its expertise and knowledge every day.



K2 Teknik started its engineering works in 2001 with mechanical installation which was followed by K2 Electirics, K2 Energy and Atelier


K2 Teknik mainly carries out project designing and infrastructure set ups in industrial facilities such as shopping malls, hotels, business centres, hospitals.


It has increased its capacity by providing fast and accurate solutions to its customers by establishing K2 Atelier which does technological manufacturing in Gebze/Şekerpınar  since 2010.


K2 Teknik Mühendislik aims to be one of the top solution partners of the world’s industry and building sector league. 

"Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together"

 Robert Redford